Articles by Jacob Lusk

  1. Keystone JIT Experiment

    I've been experimenting with building a JIT in Python, and came across Keystone Engine.

    You can install the entire Keystone module using pip if you plan on only using it from within Python,

    pip install keystone-engine

    To write our experimental JIT, we'll need to use a few functions from the …

  2. x86 Assembler: Building a Lexer (Part 1)

    A lexer or tokenizer is a tool used to transform some text into a series of tokens. These tokens are a bit easier to work with rather than just text when building a parser. Typically one would use regular expressions (as most lexical syntax is considered a regular langage) to …

  3. Welcome

    Welcome to my blog! I've always wanted a place to share what I learn so I finally decided to create one.